TMF Academy Associate Practitioner Program

We want to make high quality mental health services more accessible for our community. The TMF Academy Associate Practitioners are supervised by a senior practitioner from The Mind Faculty to ensure that you continue to receive the highest level of quality and compassionate care. 

A session with our senior associate practitioner starts at RM 150. 

A session with our junior associate practitioner is RM 120. 


I am a clinical psychologist who has experience working with children, teenagers and adults with neurodevelopmental and mental disorders. I am committed to providing a safe space for my clients to express themselves to be heard, to heal and improve their overall mental health well-being.

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I am the Director of Clinical Services at The Mind Faculty. I have more than 5 years of experience within the mental health industry and I have written journals about mental health which have been published by Lee Kuan Yew University. I have almost completed by Masters of Counselling at University of Monash (Australia).

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Senior Associate

Jade Goh

Junior Associate

Felicia Chan