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TMF Academy Associate Practitioner Program

We want to make high quality mental health services more accessible for our community. The TMF Academy Associate Practitioners are supervised by a senior practitioner from The Mind Faculty to ensure that you continue to receive the highest level of quality and compassionate care. 

 I am a Counsellor who likes to use a Humanistic approach, where I believe that every individual has the capacity for self-awareness and the potential to solve challenges. In my practice, I focus on supporting clients towards gaining self-awareness and exploring the ‘meaning’ in life in order to garner a greater sense of wholeness. My practice incorporates talk therapy, together with creative intervention, such as visual arts, metaphorical cards, and a few other processes that cater to each unique individual. Besides counselling services, I enjoy providing group counselling and interactive workshops that can reach out to the community to spread awareness about mental health.



Lean Yi Wen

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