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Lean Yi Wen

Counsellor (Associate)
Masters of Counselling, International Medical University
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.), Sunway University & Lancaster University

About Me

I am a counsellor who is passionate about supporting and helping others who are in need. I completed BSc (Hons) Psychology at Sunway University in 2020 and further pursued in Master of Counselling at International Medical University (IMU). I had the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, which allowed me to gain meaningful experiences in supporting individuals experiencing different challenges or concerns. I am interested and have experience working with clients in self-exploration, work stress, career planning, grief and bereavement counselling, and crisis support.
Understand that life can be challenging and confusing sometimes, it may be an overwhelming experience to face it alone. We deserve to treat ourselves some kindness as well, which tends to be neglected. I hope to provide a safe space for expression of thoughts and feelings, to embrace every moment and experience throughout the journey of exploration and growth. The road may be bumpy, however, allow me to journey together with you in the process. 

My Philosophy

I hold close to Humanistic approaches, in which I believe that every individual has the capacity for self-awareness and the potential to solve challenges. In my practice, I focused on supporting clients in gaining self-awareness and exploring the ‘meaning’ in life to gain a greater sense of wholeness. My practice incorporates talk therapy together with creative intervention such as visual arts, metaphorical cards, and a few others, that cater to each unique individual. Besides counselling services, I enjoy providing group counselling and interactive workshops that can reach out to the community to spread awareness about mental health.

I speak English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay.

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